John Chow explains his $40,000/month business model

How to make money giving stuff away

How to structure your business for self-sufficiency and scalability

Skip to 27:29 for advice on how to structure your business so that start-up costs can be low, and scalability and freedom can be possible.

Most businesses fail because they are started with the wrong structure that turn the business into a…

How to sell a $25,000 hat

How snap decisions can be both helpful and detrimental

Best selling Author Malcolm Gladwell explains how snap decision, derived from experience, can help people make better decisions with less information. Skip to 16:35 to hear a good case study on how Coca-Cola made a BAD decision based on the snap decisions of others.

How to build desire for your product

Here one strategy which has worked wonders for myself and many other internet marketers. In this video Frank Kern provides a strategy you can use to create desire for your upcoming product and literaly have customers BEGGING to buy your stuff.

Create value in the market place and money will follow