The Importance of Financial Intelligence (Parts 2-7 inside)

What do you believe causes financial struggle? If you’re like most people you might say “Not making enough money” or “too many bills”. All of these excuses may seem like the right answer but they aren’t the cause of financial struggle. They are merely the symptoms of financial struggle.

Most people struggle financially because they fail to understand the real reason behind their economic hardship. Financial hardship is not a result of external factors but internal factors. That’s right, YOU are responsible for YOUR financial state. It’s a very simple concept which many people don’t want to admit to.

In this video, best selling author Robert Kiyosaki explains how the poor, middle class, and rich spend their money, and how that use of money contributes to their financial state.

If you were impacted heavily by this recent recession then this video is for you. Robert explains in simple terms why it is that the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. The answer, as you will find out, is not because of corporate greed or government bail outs. The real reason why the 1% are the 1% is because they know how valuable assets are to financial independence and how detrimental liabilities are for building wealth.

Notable Quotes:
If I stop working assets feed me! Liabilities eat me!
- Robert Kiyosaki

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